The Beverly Hillbillies.  Come on.  You watched it.  With only two or three channels, what else was on? Glorious black and white.   I swore I watched every one of the 274 episodes.

Beverly HillbilliesI read a review on (reviewer: Kodachrome) who summed it up perfectly. “The continuing saga of Jed Clampett underscores the old saying that says you can’t cheat an honest man. Despite the best efforts of con men, plots by ne’er do wells, and even the schemes of their greedy banker, the hillbillies aways came out on top by acting honorably. Human decency and kindness were once considered appropriate human qualities worthy of exhibition in plays and on television. Now, only moral depravity and social ugliness are considered to be proper subject matter for comedy.”

We are in a digital world where thousands of these old shows exist on the internet.  

One of those internet sites is, a non-profit founded to build an Internet library that offers permanent access to the general public to historical collections that exist in digital format.

It doesn’t cost a dime to access this wonderful resource.

What I like to explore on are pilot sitcoms that I used to watch as a kid.  That’s how I came to re-visit the Clampetts.  I watched the pilot and it had me laugh out loud.  I can’t remember the last time I did that when watching television.

Beverly Hillbillies

Click here to watch the video

If you want to relax with some unpretentious comedy, click on the picture to watch the video.

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