Having just recently sold my house I was contemplating if I should buy another home or if I should rent one?

To help me with my dilemma I googled, “ buying a home vs renting a home”.  That’s how I stumbled upon this great web site called I got unbiased, fact oriented information including videos all on one page.

COMPAREANYTHING Home Page makes it easy to compare with its simple user interface.  Just type in what you want to compare, press go and you’ll see a full-page of pros and cons.

With my query one of the first things on the page was this chart.


Next on the page was a linked index that allowed me to go to a particular section if I didn’t want to read the whole article.

Compare Anything contentsNo matter. I read everything.  In the end I felt more informed and a little more confident with making a decision.

Then I thought, why not try some financial comparisons?  Money market account vs savings account, living trust vs will, RRSP vs TFSA—wow, this is where the site really shined. The charts were longer, the information dense, I learned financial terms —I watched videos, looked at charts and graphs; it kept me busy for hours.

One caution though. is a work in progress.  Anyone with an Internet connection can alter its content.  Also, there is no formal peer review of the information contained on the site so not everything may be accurate or reliable.  For specific advice you should always consult with a professional who is licensed or knowledgeable in the area you are seeking advice.

That’s not to say that doesn’t have value.  When you’re faced with a dilemma it’s a great site to visit to get a comparisons and maybe learn some terms when you do consult a professional.


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Well what are you waiting for?  Click on the picture on the left to access the web site.

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