FLIP WILSON with George Carlin

The “Flip Wilson Handshake,”: four hand slaps, two elbow bumps finishing with two hip-bumps.

In 1970 Wilson’s variety series, The Flip Wilson Show, debuted on NBC. He played host to many African-American entertainers, including The Jackson Five, and The Temptations and performed in comedy sketches. He greeted all his guests with the “Flip Wilson Handshake,”: four hand slaps, two elbow bumps finishing with two hip-bumps. George Carlin was one of the show’s writers, and Carlin also made frequent appearances on the show, as the two would expand Carlin’s news-weather-sports satire. Wilson’s characters included Reverend Leroy, materialistic pastor of the “Church of What’s Happening Now”, and his most popular character, Geraldine Jones, who always referred to her boyfriend, “Killer”, and whose line “The devil made me do it” became a national catchphrase.


Flip Wilson – Ray Charles and Geraldine Jones


“The devil made me do it.”

“”What you see is what you get!”

“The cost of living is going up and the chance of living is going down.”

“Funny is not a color. Being black is only good from the time you get from the curtain to the microphone.”

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BIOGRAPHY.COM “The gender bending persona Wilson became best known for was firecracker Geraldine Jones, a flirtatious and full of life woman who had trademark lines like, “What you see is what you get!”

FLIP WILSON STORE “I have such fond memories of being with my family gathered around the television set and laughing together.” 

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