Part 3 – Pool Rules & The Italian Job


The stress of the previous day of getting lost multiple times while driving in Mexico, then witnessing the horrifying practise of the Mexican police’s tactic of displaying accident victim’s dead bodies on the road as a reminder of the consequences of speeding, the condo pool was just what the doctor ordered for the next few days.

Cabo San Lucas Mexico

Misionies Main Pool Area

With towels, hat, sunscreen and an excellent book in hand we ventured out to the pool area for a few hours of R&R but, NOPE. Not one chair available. Come to think of it, as I was pouring my coffee at 7:30am this morning dreamily looking out at a lounger with my name on it, a longer-term vacation renter arrived and spread out their towel on it. I took another sip of my coffee, and in Gladis Kravitz style, I realized that hey, aren’t those the same people I see day after day occupying that lounger pretty much every single time I walked by the pool area? Geez, am I missing something? You know we have a beautiful beach here don’t you? And what about the other fantastic beaches down the road—for God’s sake, you have a car! Don’t get me started on the snorkelling, the hiking and the multiple tours around here. I thought of throwing a hissy fit but decided not to embarrass myself with a childish display of frustration. Then the light bulb went off—what about that pool on the other side of the complex?


What were we thinking? Two infinity pools, plenty of loungers, a fantastic view of the famous arch and not one single soul there. Another sip of coffee and the thought, those brownies can look at each others feet all day long—the other pool is definitely the place to be.

Our lounging spot

came with a show.

Just a little walk from the pool and our vantage point became a birds-eye view of the entire bay as well as Monuments Beach, a rolling swell of ocean water climaxing into 6 to 10 footers pounding the shore in rhythmic sets. Swimming is not an option there but for the seasoned surfer it provides great action and a great opportunity to take some photos.


Night Life in Cabo San Lucas

Recharged from our relaxing day around the pool we decided it was time to party! We headed into the centre of Cabo San Lucas for dinner and a few drinks, and it turns out a great show.

I’m a huge fan of live music—any kind of music—from blues to jazz, piano bars to mariachi bands (well not so much of the mariachi), classical, to good old rock and roll. Lucky for us that Sammy Hagar’s famous Cabo Wabo bar here isn’t the only venue that features live acts on a regular basis—talent is everywhere and there is something for everyone’s tastes.

We wanted something good to eat.  To start off our night we choose a little restaurant just off the main street called “The Italian Job”.

Cabo San Lucas

The Italian Job

Odd name but we heard that they served fantastic Italian food and that they have live music.We knew we were in the right place when we saw that they had one of those big stone pizza ovens. We weren’t disappointed. We had a very tasty wood fired Margarita pizza that was fired up perfectly. We also had the Fettuccine Alfredo; a creamy, buttery, garlicky, perfectly cooked pasta loaded with jumbo shrimp, fresh mushrooms topped with fresh curls of parmesan cheese, which by the way was served piping hot.They have an excellent wine list in all price points, we choose the cheapest (cause that’s how we roll), Delicato, a California Merlot for only 200 pesos ($12 Cdn).

Cabo San Lucas

Brian Flynn & Friends

Lucky we made reservations as the popular local guitar hero Brian Flynn appeared, complete with a light show, with some very talented friends in this packed house.

Two sets of Southern Rock—two sets of pure joy.

Brian’s line-up included the impressive OSCAR ZARATE from the famous band El Tri de Mexico, one of the most famous Mexican rock musicians of all time. JAY JOHNSON, a member of Blackfoot and The Southern Rock All-Stars rounded out the band and showed off his lead guitar skills in a continual showdown with Brian Flynn.

After dancing our faces off and a little too much cheap wine we headed out to the streets where wild ruled.


Cabo San Lucas is a spring-break party town. Row after row of night clubs line the main streets—Pink Kitty Nightclub, Mandala, El Squid Roe, Giggling Marlin, Nowhere Bar, Tiki Bar, the Usual Suspects and the Jungle Bar to name a few—oh to be 20 again. It was enough just to experience the bars from the street as pretty much all of them were open air, except for the roofs overhead—we wouldn’t have fit in anyhow. Walking a bit further from the beaten path we found a little outside bar in a court yard that was more our style. Decent service, good drinks and a local band playing cover tunes kept us amused  for an hour or two before we decided it was past our bed time. As always, taxi’s are everywhere, as always, 20 bucks (American).

I don’t know what we were expecting but the food and entertainment has been nothing short of fantastic. I think I’m going to have to go shopping for a larger pair of shorts.

Maybe some hiking?  Next post—Cabo San Lucas on Superbowl Sunday and hiking the mountain overlooking Pedregal, where the land ends and the two oceans meet.

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