A super solar flare

The sun. Earth’s primary source of energy, a near perfect spherical ball of hot plasma constantly in motion with coronal-mass ejections spewing high-speed streams of solar wind outward.

THE ULTIMATE frozen margarita

Raise your limes for National Tequila Day!

Make this restaurant quality lime margarita in your home. All you need is a blender.

A Happier Brain

Hard Wiring Happiness   How to overcome the Brain’s Negativity Bias “There is a motif, in fiction and in life, of people having wonderful things happen to them, but still ending up unhappy. We can adapt to anything, it seems—you can get your dream job, marry a wonderful human, finally get 1 million dollars or […]

FOUR WINES what’s the difference

A well presented four-minute video with expert sommelier and wine educator Marnie Old.

older people are happier

“As we age, our time horizons grow shorter and our goals change. When we recognize that we don’t have all the time in the world, we see our priorities most clearly. We take less notice of trivial matters. We savor life. We’re more appreciative, more open to reconciliation. We invest in more emotionally important parts of life, and life gets better, so we’re happier day-to-day. But that same shift in perspective leads us to have less tolerance than ever for injustice.”

a better way to die—architecture

REDDIT the front page of the internet

A very entertaining forum based website where anyone can post, ask a question, or submit a link to interesting content from anywhere. The front page is constantly in motion filled with interesting any topic, links to photos and information on just about anything.

a wave of millennials is upon us…

A wave of millennials is upon us it’s only going to get worse.

LAMBORGHINI from hero to zero in 2 minutes flat

DASH-CAMS are everywhere, including in this Lamborghini (yes this is a Lamborghini). Watch this video to witness a 2 minute ride of a lifetime.