Part 5 – The Fish Are a Jumping!

Okay, so technically a whale is not a fish but seriously, what a photo opportunity! After a few weeks of beach time we decided it was time to head out onto the water to take in one of those popular whale-watching tours they advertise here in Cabo San Lucas. Photo aside, it was worth every penny. As […]

Part 4 – The Most Silent Bar in Cabo

After late night of partying in downtown Cabo the night before we decided that we needed some beach R&R to clean out the cobwebs before the big football game that evening—Super Bowl 2017. Nothing soothes a swollen head like the cool ocean water so we packed our chairs, grabbed our snorkel gear and headed for […]

Part 3 – Pool Rules & The Italian Job

The stress of the previous day of getting lost multiple times while driving in Mexico, then witnessing the horrifying practise of the Mexican police’s tactic of displaying accident victim’s dead bodies on the road as a reminder of the consequences of speeding, the condo pool was just what the doctor ordered for the next few days. With […]

Part 2-Car Rentals & Dead Bodies

Well that was an interesting couple of days. It’s week three for us here in Cabo San Lucas Mexico so it was time to get out-of-town and explore more of Baja California Sur.  A two-hour drive along the Pacific Coast, then up the centre of the state, brings you to the capital city of La Paz […]

Part 1-Cabo San Lucas Mexico

Now that it is official, no more work, we thought maybe we should buy a winter place, somewhere hot, where we could get away from our harsh Canadian winters. After doing a little research, then a bit more (and some soul-searching) the thought of investing in one location started to seem impracticable. I mean, it’s a big […]


Enjoy breathtaking scenery every second of the journey between Canada’s largest city and the Pacific coast on board the Canadian. In the space of four nights and three days, you’ll get to see the lakes in Northern Ontario, the lush boreal forest, the western Prairies, and the magnificent Rocky Mountains.


Who rides long distance trains in 2015? Well, the short answer, of course, is people for whom travel is about more than ‘getting there.’ It turns out, though, that we are a remarkably diverse group. Last night, as I was enjoying a brandy in the club car, our conductor entered and sought out the Chinese […]



Train in Mountians

So, you’re over 60 with time on your hands. Maybe you’re retired and looking for a new experience. Travel, you think. Excellent idea, as long as you actually travel. You see, traveling is not about simply moving from point A to point B. That’s a business trip, for which modern flying was invented. Oh, one […]


For many, getting older means the chance to travel.  We still have our health and a little bit of money stashed away to finally realize our dream of visiting an exotic place.  With so many choices in the world, where to go presents a dilemma. Here’s a few places that should be on your bucket list. […]